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The team
There are no great wines without a great team! If Marie-Laure Lurton describes herself as the conductor, then each member of the team is a musician playing his part in overall harmony.
Talents and harmony

A team that evolves with time

The current team is very different to the one created in 1992 by Marie-Laure Lurton.
Habib Achenglil, the vineyard manager, and Sandrine Goudemont, winemaker and team manager, both worked for Lucien Lurton’s châteaux and are now our longest-serving employees.
Jean-Denis Girard, cellar master at Château de Villegeorge, arrived in 1996.
Jean-Luc Brégille arrived to strengthen the team in 2000 in the position of cellar master for Château La Tour de Bessan.
Mickaël Parachoux and Jérôme Lautrec, work in the vineyards and drive the tractors. They both started working in our vineyards and now belong to the ‘old bunch’ of staff.
Esmeralda Dos Santos, who manages the upkeep of the buildings arrived in 2010.
In 2013 Alexandra Ehard-Lagua joined the viticulture team and is currently head viticulturist.
Sandra Rossi-Lopez manages the admin and wine tourism, and joined in 2018.
Thomas Tardio, arrived in 2019 and works in the vineyards as a tractor driver.
Laure Ferec completed the practical component of her technical diploma over two years at our châteaux and joined the team full time in 2021.
Marie-Laure’s son, Gabriel Lurton-Roux, has become more and more interested in the wine industry over the years. He recently obtained the DUAD certificate in Bordeaux and joined the family company in January 2021, bringing a fresh set of eyes and renewed dynamism to the company.
Marie-Laure Lurton
Marie-Laure Lurton
Habib Achenglil
Sandrine Goudemont
Jean-Denis Girard
Jean-Luc Brégille
Mickaël Parachoux
Jérôme Lautrec
Esmeralda Dos Santos
Alexandra Ehard-Lauga
Sandra Rossi-Lopez
Thomas Tardio
Laure Ferec
Gabriel Roux
Gabriel Roux-Lurton
Individual and collective commitments

Sustainable Development

Each and every one of the team members at Les Vignobles Marie-Laure Lurton is committed to the benefits of sustainable development and participates actively in putting these into practice.
Their individual and collective commitments enable our company to meet the standards of both the Terra Vitis and HVE 3 requirements, and go beyond, staying ahead of the game. Due to the qualifications and determination of each person we are able to produce wines of high quality and still respect the environment.
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It’s never been simpler to buy our wines or book your visits, tours and tastings at our domains: go to our online boutique! We offer fast and careful delivery. If you prefer, you can collect the wines from the estate yourself.
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Wine Tourism

Visits and Tastings

We would like to share our knowledge and passion with those who come to visit us and will gladly provide information to demystify and help to better understand Bordeaux wines.
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The Vignobles Marie-Laure Lurton are on the main social media channels so that you can share our daily lives from behind the scenes of our wine estates. Don’t hesitate to follow us and ask us all your questions!
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